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Geopark Arouca

The Arouca Geopark is a geopark that integrates a geological heritage of great importance, representing today one of the pillars of sustainable development. It is an open-air museum, with an area of 328 km2 and 41 geosites. It includes the Serra da Freita and the Paiva Walkways. Discover the Network of Pedestrian Routes, 13 of which are short route (PR) routes.

Paiva Walkways

An 8 km walk of nature in its pure state, along the Paiva River.
Coord. Espiunca 40.992923 -8.211245 - Areinho 40.953052 -8.177323

Suspension Bridge ('516 Arouca')

At 175 meters above the level of the Paiva River, one of the wildest rivers in Europe, the suspension bridge is 516 meters long and has state-of-the-art engineering, as well as the capacity to hold two thousand people at the same time.

Caima River

The Caima River is the most important of the watercourses in the municipality of Vale de Cambra, having at its source an imposing waterfall - Frecha da Mizarela - about 70 meters high.
Google Coord. 40.863865 -8.285637

Frecha da Mizarela

Waterfall on the Caima River, over 70 meters high, considered the largest in Portugal.
Google Coord. 40.863991 -8.285784

Eng.º Duarte Pacheco Dam

The Eng. Duarte Pacheco Dam is used to irrigate the fertile fields in the lower part of the valley. The dam is a pleasant place, surrounded by greenery.
Google Coord. 40.850867 -8.351958 GPS 40º51'01.6''N 8º21'09.4''W

Pelourinho Macieira de Cambra

Manueline pillory of the sixteenth century, classified as a Property of Public Interest, is located in the square of Macieira de Cambra, in front of the Municipal Museum.
Google Coord. 40.855417 -8.3776211

Anta da Cerqueira Or Pedra Moura

In the middle of Serra da Freita is the parish of Arões, the Anta da Cerqueira I or Pedra Moura I stands out.
Google Coord. 40.783591 -8.305934

River Beach of Burgaes

Leisure area with children's garden, changing rooms and picnic tables.
Google Coord. 40.832899 -8.390377

River Beach Paço de Mato

Bucolic area for bathing and snacking.
Google Coord. 40.854148 -8.305070


Visit the levadas along the Caima River, which are part of the Water and Stone Route.

Walking Tour

Tour of contemporary art in the city center.

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