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Traços d'Outrora - Turismo Rural, Lda., owned by partners Isabel Fonseca and Horácio Pereira, is located on the western slope of Serra da Freita, in the village of Trebilhadouro in Vale de Cambra, at an altitude of 625m. Its strategic position allows a privileged view of the surrounding territory, namely the Ria de Aveiro and the Atlantic. In 2011, Trebilhadouro was classified as a "Village of Portugal", integrating a set of villages with which it shares historical and heritage interest. It is a small village, where the buildings are implanted in a central route that crosses the whole village and a small stream. Our houses, if they were not integrated in a rural area, are based on granite stone, with masonry, and wood.

Its requalification was based on the original constructive principle, both in terms of material and design, without losing its identity or magic. And this earned him the IHRU - 2015 award, awarded by the Institute of Housing and Urban Requalification - the oldest national award in the construction and real estate sector in Portugal.

We are the perfect refuge to enjoy nature and recharge your batteries, allowing a memorable stay in an intimate environment. Iron beds and antique furniture, lace bedspreads and linen curtains, combined with comfort, are the perfect setting for a few days with family or friends.

The houses are named after the former owners and are all equipped with a sofa bed, fireplace, cable TV, internet and full kitchen.


Those who arrive at Trebilhadouro feel like they are returning to the typical spirit of a Beira village hidden in the middle of the mountains, at an altitude of approximately 625 meters and sheltered from the winds that blow from the north. From the top of these hills you can see the sea and the Ria de Aveiro, as well as other cities on the coast, the entire Vale de Cambra and the Serra da Freita. It is also here that a stream flows into the river Caima, whose waters are used to irrigate the fields of the neighboring villages. The landscape is green, with terraced slopes and water as an integrating element.

Stone houses dot the nooks and crannies that make up this region of the country. With its northern limit on the mountainous slopes of Serra da Freita and an irregular configuration, the landscape is characterized by the slopes of the hills and bumps, of which the Cumeeira-Lomba, Gorda-Trebilhadouro and Barraca-Devesa alignments stand out.

The villages are located above the 600 meters level, distributed by the solcalcos down the slope. Serra da Freita is a nationally classified area and is part of the Natura 2000 network. It is a medium mountain area, with oceanic influence with natural values in habitats and rare species of fauna and flora.


Trebilhadouro belongs to the parish of Rôge, located in the municipality of Vale de Cambra, with an area of 19 km2 and a population density of 102 inhabitants/Km2, which contrasts with the center of the municipality, with 752 inhabitants/Km2. In Rôge it is possible to find a rich heritage both from the point of view of construction and landscape, namely the cruise of Rôge, heritage element of eighteenth-century origin and the adjacent church.

After being uninhabited for about 15 years, the village has maintained its structure. At the Duarte Pacheco dam, a place of leisure, we were able to let ourselves be carried away by the silence of the waters of the river Caima. The river, nestled in a steep valley, offers beautiful river landscapes, along which old mills and ancient bridges remain to be discovered.

From the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Desterro Park, a pilgrimage site, we can enjoy a fantastic view over the surrounding landscape. Come and meet us and enjoy a memorable and enriching stay!


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