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Traces of Outrora

27 January 2021

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Traços d'Outrora has become one of the big winners of the Travel & Hopitality Awards for 2021. This award consists of an annual celebration where prizes are distributed to the best hotels and tour operators from around the world, whose organization is made up of professionals and enthusiasts from the travel world.


The choice is made after an analysis of the application, it is also considered the evaluation of the clients and the premises of the candidates. The winner is distinguished by the exceptional service to its customers, by its uniqueness and by its high quality of services and facilities.


Traços d'Outrora, located in Trebilhadouro - a small village in Vale de Cambra, is a hotel resort that consists of the requalification of four houses that had been uninhabited for at least fifteen years. This maintained their identity and magic, based on the original constructive principle, both in terms of material and design.


These awards are highly recognized by the travel industry. They are the seal of recognition for the high quality of the service provided and customer satisfaction and, this year, the panel of judges thought that Traços d'Outrora deserved to take the cup.


Its rustic houses, the lush green landscape, the friendliness and quality offered, once again, made a difference.


Find out all about this award at https://thawards.com/

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