Traços D’Outrora, a company dedicated to tourist accommodation, in the process of finalizing its Sustainability Certification with Biosphere Portugal, relies on the 17 global SDGs for sustainability, so that the proposed objectives are met.

According to this certification, Traços D'outrora is committed to fighting the end of poverty and eradicating hunger, helping the community in which it operates to achieve better standards of living (economic and social), making all guests aware and not just for the protection of culture, preservation of nature, traditions, as well as encouraging the use of compost and undertaking to make awareness actions about the use of energy, among other actions of relevance to achieving Sustainability.

The use of compost is important because organic compost is a soil conditioner, based on organic residues, which are decomposed in a controlled manner by the action of microorganisms. This conditioner can provide improvements in the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

Awareness of the use of energy is extremely important as it is possible to use it responsibly, that is, consume less energy in each product or service we use, without changing our lifestyle, without giving up our comfort. This is called energy efficiency and it is not a difficult concept to understand or practice, but it does imply taking action.

An example? Turning off the light when leaving a room is a good principle, and can be a small starting point for future actions in our daily lives that will make us more energy efficient.

Traços D’Outrora thus leaves the challenge to everyone to accompany us in this sustainable evolution, for the good of everyone and our planet!