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Nativity Scene in Trebilhadouro

Traces of Outrora

14 December 2020

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Visiting Trebilhadouro is increasingly in fashion. The village is certainly one of the most beautiful in Portugal. It is worth visiting and discovering the hidden beauties.


The Trebilhadouro Association - Association for the promotion, dissemination and promotion of socio-cultural activities of tourist interest, wanted to bring good energy and Christmas to all the population and visitors. This nativity scene was inaugurated, which will welcome all who pass by.



With special affection, thanks are given to all those who participated and contributed to this very special project, with emphasis on the company Firminos - Surpresa Sensacional Pirotecnia e Iluminações Festivas, which “illuminated”.

In this block, residents and visitors are invited to let themselves be involved by the Christmas spirit and to surprise the senses with this nativity scene.



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