Traços D’Outrora awarded for good social and environmental practices

For the first time, Traços D’Outrora received the Green Key award and the certificate of sustainable tourism unit, by the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle. Two distinctions that put the Vale de Cambra accommodation in the spotlight for its environmental and social concern.

After the atypical times that tourism has lived through, due to the world pandemic, the year 2021 is ending with a golden key for the Traços D'Outrora touristic complex, with the Green Key international award, which distinguishes good environmental practices at various levels, namely energy, environmental education in the area of ​​sustainable tourism, as well as the sociocultural authenticity of the host territories, preserving their cultural identity. This award aims to raise awareness for the adoption of sustainable practices and behaviors through environmental education for sustainability, reduce the environmental impact of trade, services and restaurant activities, promote reduction and efficiency in the consumption of natural resources, facilitate and communicate strategies of sustainability and recognize environmental management initiatives, but also contribute to the implementation of “Local Agendas 21” through the continuous improvement of organizations.

Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle has also just awarded the Sustainable Tourism certification, a diploma that verifies compliance with all the requirements that allow a good performance in terms of sustainable tourism. Some of the criteria that Biosphere Certification helps to promote responsible tourism include supporting local communities, protecting ecosystems, promoting heritage sustainability, promoting efficient use of resources and the environment, and customer satisfaction.