Festivities and Pilgrimages

Our festivities and pilgrimages are a blend of sacred and profane. Among the ones held in our municipality, the pilgrimages to Our Lady of Good Health, Our Lady of Exile and Our Lady of Ouvida are the most popular.

The pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Health of the Mountain, held on 13th, 14th and 15th February, is one of the most popular of the district of Aveiro. This devotion is a good example of the visual invocation which is still so real in our folk religiousness. Today, the chapel, located in the village of Gestoso, S. Pedro de Castelões, in Serra do Arestal, is hidden among the woods. However, it used to be a visible spot from the sea, for the fishermen and sailors who would call upon the help of Our Lady in times of great distress and danger. Hence, this devotion of the people who live along the coast is not surprising. Traditionally, the first two days of the festivities are dedicated to the pilgrims who come from far away. The 15th is mostly for the people who live in the surrounding villages and towns.

The Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Exile is held on the Sunday and Monday of Pentecost in the chapel dedicated to Her, in Função, Rôge. The chapel is located in a high spot of a leisure park in the mountain, overlooking the valey.

The pilgrimage to Our Lady of Ouvida, the most ancient pilgrimage of the municipality, is held at the Chapel of Our Lady of Ouvida, in Viadal, Cepelos, at the beginning of the month of April. This chapel is located in a lovely high spot which is part of a leisure park of the parish. Many pilgrims come to this festivity.

The most well-known festivities in this region are:

  • The festivities of the municipality, held in honour of Anthony, its Patron Saint, on 13th June;
  • The September festivities of Macieira de Cambra, held near the 8th September, the day that the liturgical calendar dedicates to Our Lady of Nativity, the Patron Saint of the parish;
  • The Cultural Week of S. Pedro de Castelões, whose religious festivities are held on the 29th June in honour of Saint Peter, the Apostle, the Patron Saint of the parish.